Caerphilly Woodlands Trust

Welcome to the Caerphilly Woodlands Trust

What do we do?

Our principal area of work is to conserve and restore the industrial features that create the historic character of the landscape in the area whilst conserving its many important species, their habitats and terrestrial foraging corridors that make this unique site a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)

We are passionate about conserving the important geology of the area and are aim is always to reduce the area’s Carbon footprint by conserving and protecting the natural habitats by creating and managing formal routes and access points so that community can enjoy a quality experience without impacting negatively upon the environment.

This website helps us to promote the abundant wealth of history, nature and beauty found within Coed-y-Werin.  So, whether you’re lucky enough to have this piece of tranquil paradise on your doorstep, have enjoyed the woods before, or planning a trip here, we would love to hear from you telling us of your experience at Coed y Werin!

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