Work Season 2019/20 A Flying Start

Royal Welsh Show Summer 2019

After a busy Summer with Trustees Kath & Jayne attending and co hosting Llais y Goedwig’s community woodland network for Wales stand at the Royal Welsh Show on behalf of CWT and after successfully gaining funding for works and promotion of our Woodland our new season now begins.

We have lots to do this season with a heavy schedule ahead now we have funding to dredge the pond and survey its contents. This task hasn’t been done for many years, not since our management plan was produced so now’s the time to review and update our monitoring.

We also have a lot of tree planting to do so if you are looking for a productive Sunday activity feel free to join our group of volunteers. Jokes about ‘Tree Huggers’ aside there is a lot to be said for putting on a pair of wellies and getting away from it all getting back to nature breathing healthy gulps of really fresh air into our lungs.

Much of the wildlife within our woodland now relies on active management to provide a mix of different habitats, from piles of dead wood which can help beetles and fungi to open glades which help butterflies

Some areas are managed by coppicing and maintaining open areas, some areas are left to go wild. Often this work is mimicking natural processes like wind and storm damage or grazing by larger animals like deer that would have once lived in our woodlands. Without some form of management our woodlands will become dark, over-shaded and dominated by big mature trees without any variation in structure, age or cover. Ultimately this reduces the amount of wildlife that can live in them so we aim for a mix of habitats in our woodland.