Local volunteers of all ages give their time by helping with woodland restoration work.  We regularly work in the woodland to improve access, clear brash, re-plant native trees, clear water courses etc.

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If you would like to volunteer with us, the information can be found below:

Sundays (September – February) (First Sunday in September to last Sunday in February)

We meet at 10:00 am – 12:00 pm every Sunday to carry out conservation work in the woodlands.  Please wear suitable clothing and footwear (you are likely to get dirty!) and bring a drink, it’s thirsty work.

To volunteer with us just arrive on site or email us at cwtcoedywerin@gmail.com for further information.

Sundays ( March to August)

No conservation work is carried out at this time of year to avoid disturbing the wildlife during the breeding season.  Occasionally, a number of volunteers carry out non-invasive regular maintenance tasks.

Please cwtcoedywerin@gmail.com for further information.

Educational Visits

We can accommodate outdoor classroom studies by prior arrangement and are happy to provide guided walks for any interested parties.