Volunteer Awards

It was a great night with some amazing people at the #GAVOAwards 10th October 2019. Trustee and Volunteer Jayne Garland received not just one but two awards on the night, one for Adult Volunteer and one for Trustee Volunteer. Jayne has been a volunteer for CWT and worked hard to gain funds to develop and improve our Woodland for the wellbeing of our community.

Well done to all volunteers because this award is really a shout out for all of our wonderful volunteers who contribute their time freely to community activity. Volunteers in Wales have a value of at least £757 million per year but give their time for nothing but for the benefit of their communities.

said Jayne

Let’s be clear Volunteers aren’t paid for what they do but that’s not because their work is worthless it’s because they are priceless.

Keep volunteering, keep making a difference to your communities. Wales needs more people to get out there and do something special to make a difference.

I love to volunteer with our community woodland, Caerphilly Woodlands Trust and I’m a passionate volunteer and conservationist activist. If we are to build a better and safer world for our children and grandchildren we will need the dedication and good will of volunteers more than ever.

Well done all volunteers you are truly priceless.

said Jayne

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.

William Shakespeare