Trees, Plants, and Fungi

FoxgloveThe diversity of habitats offered supports non flowering ferns, lichens, mosses, liverworts and fungi. There are over 100 named species of flowering plants, the tallest Rosebay Willow Herb, the smallest Thyme Leaved Speedwell.

The flora at the site includes many plants that are considered to be ancient woodland indicators including Bluebell, Wild Daffodil, Dog’s Mercury, Honeysuckle, Wood Sorrel, Common Cowheat, Golden-rod, Yellow Pimpernel, Primrose, Yellow Archangel, Bugle, and Common Dog Violet.


During autumn, a trip to the woods without seeing fungi is unheard of.  Many species can be found including the Fairy Inkcap and Fly Agaric. 

Identifying fungi is difficult, please act responsibly when looking for fungi as there are many poisonous species at our site.