Sunday Dec 17th 2015

20151220_115301A few of us made a small start on some pathways to the south side/far end of the woodlands – near the ‘S-bend’ of Cefn Carnau lane. This is the area that in 2004 we had a family tree planting day and planted a few hundred saplings of various types of tree. 10 to 11 years later the area has flourished well but access to the public is a little bit challenging, so we’ll try to open it up a little – sensitively of course. Here’s a photo showing the team standing by 3 oaks that were grown from acorns by my children.

They were, maybe, 3ft saplings in 2004, now they vary from 7ft to 12ft I guess – perhaps because the richness of the soil they’re in is variable over even this small area? Hope they’re still there in a couple of hundred years.