Celebrating Trees in Art, Creativity and Learning

We had another very busy and productive day with children from Hendredenny Park Primary School learning about the importance of trees.

Trees; homes for wildlife, planting trees for the future, keeping us healthy in body and mind, making landscapes stronger and being there for everyone.

We were accompanied by a super film crew @FfocwsMedia who documented the days events and activities interviewing teachers and children.

Each student planted their own tree, kindly donated by ASBP, the children putting their name next to each so that they might come back to check on its growth.

They followed the rubbing post trail and they used their skills to identify trees from leaves and the twigs only stopping for lunch at base camp under the shelter the children helped to set up having hot chocolate and a tasty snack from the camp fire.

These children are the guardians of the future, ensuring we have a livable planet for their generation and beyond. A wise person would say the world was not given to you by your parents it was lent to you by your children. Learning and sharing the importance of nature and the part trees play in this is essential. Decisions we make today will radically alter the landscape and environment we leave to them in the future.

We had a super day, I can safely say the children were all inspired by the woodland surroundings and I’m sure all of them slept well that night, I know I did.

Thank you Hendredenny Park Primary School @year3hddp for visiting us. We hope to welcome you back soon.

Thank you also to Steve Chamberlain from Llais y Goedwig for being base camp leader and Kevin Eadon-Davies CCBC Countryside for helping to make this possible. Fellow Trustee Vernon and I truly appreciated your support on the day we could not have done it without your help.