Working within our Woodlands

Another successful working month where students from travel and tourism of Coleg y Cymoedd, Ystrad gave their all in clearing the area around the heather bank, cutting back bramble behind the lovely bench, tidying the hedgerows around the Long Pond, clearing silt from the streams and cutting back generally along the paths.  The group found some great discoveries along the way which is always a joy and we hope to capture those in our gallery for our records.  Far right a pink waxcap found just along the bridal path. right and below pictures of the group hard at work.

Ebb and Flow – Clearing the Silt for better flow. In nature ponds gradually silt up and need a little bit of management.


Every year we have to get to grips with it.  Silt is primarily formed from the breakdown of dead plant leaves and similar material at the bottom of the pond


Clearing the bridal paths sensitively. Its important to make sure the vegetation does not encroach onto the route from the sides or above bearing in mind the difference clearances needed of different types of routed for users such as horse riders.