Enchanted Woods

Join us for an enchanted journey through our woods and learn a little about nature and it’s treasures.

On Sunday 26 August 2018 the Trust will be holding an open event aimed at encouraging children young and not so young to get outdoors and learn more about our Woodland and countryside, the natural seasons for our Woods and it’s inhabitants.

Our free event the ‘Enchanted Woods’ will take place in Coed y Werin and whilst children, accompanied by their parents, are searching for the fairies, elves and perhaps the odd dragon that live within the Woods, they’ll also be learning about our diverse native Woodland species that live amongst the wildflowers, fungi, fruits, seeds and most importantly nature’s intricate ever perpetuating cycle of life.

It’ll be an opportunity for young and not so young to find out how to get involved in volunteering and supporting this great Trust.

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