Iolo Williams – Patron Caerphilly Woodlands Trust

Caerphilly Woodlands Trust was thrilled to announce last year that we have a Patron to champion our activity protecting our Woodlands and the rare species that live within it. Avril Owen – Chair of CWT and Kathryn Butcher – Secretary of CWT caught up with Iolo before he went off to film on BBC Springwatch.

Iolo Williams, Naturalist, TV presenter, conservationist, author and inspirational wildlife speaker is passionate about protecting and encouraging areas such as ours. He is thrilled with the great work we do here at the Trust. He believes our woodland is fantastic for wildlife and a valuable green space essential for the wellbeing for our children and our childrens children in years to come because these places are becoming fewer and fewer therefore they need to be treasured.

Check out a short clip where iolo talks about the importance and value in joining our trust.