Sunday Jan 10th 2016

We came along to try and do a little work but the weather put a stop to that. Still, had a pleasant walk around with Marge and Simon. Good to see the heathers planted in ‘Guideling Bank’ are still there after all the ceaseless rain. Also the area isn’t too badly flooded so hopefully the hundreds of natural foxgloves here should give a good show in the summer. One benefit of the rain is that the various falls are at their best. Always something new to see, first time I’ve seen a ‘Honey Fungus’ – think that’s what it is – let me know if its not please.



Sunday Dec 17th 2015

20151220_115301A few of us made a small start on some pathways to the south side/far end of the woodlands – near the ‘S-bend’ of Cefn Carnau lane. This is the area that in 2004 we had a family tree planting day and planted a few hundred saplings of various types of tree. 10 to 11 years later the area has flourished well but access to the public is a little bit challenging, so we’ll try to open it up a little – sensitively of course. Here’s a photo showing the team standing by 3 oaks that were grown from acorns by my children.

They were, maybe, 3ft saplings in 2004, now they vary from 7ft to 12ft I guess – perhaps because the richness of the soil they’re in is variable over even this small area? Hope they’re still there in a couple of hundred years.