Last day of term

Outdoor release

Vernon, a woodlands trust volunteer and trustee, and his family took a relaxed walk along our woodlands paths on the last day of term.


“There’s no better way to release the energy of stir crazy youngsters and their parents than a meandering walk around our woodlands on a beautiful day, looking at the beautiful colours, in such a beautiful environment”,

said Vernon

Here are a few of the pictures taken that day.

I’m sure you’ll agree we have a little piece of heaven just here in our midst called Coed y Werin.


Planting new growth for health and wellbeing

The beginning of life

Today, in our work session, we planted new trees in our woodland around the heather banking.

We planted hazel, crab apple, hawthorn and dog rose.

But did you know that trees clean our air, purify our soil and are the nurturing home to rare species that live there.  But there are also other tangible health benefits for being in the forests and woods too.

The scientifically proven benefits include boosted immune system, reduced blood pressure, reduced stress, increased ability to focus, accelerated recovery from surgery or illness, increased energy level and improved sleep are just some of the known benefits.

It’s also a place to recover the mind and soul, to contemplate and just sit a while.

work session 4.11.18

Working within our Woodlands

Another successful working month where students from travel and tourism of Coleg y Cymoedd, Ystrad gave their all in clearing the area around the heather bank, cutting back bramble behind the lovely bench, tidying the hedgerows around the Long Pond, clearing silt from the streams and cutting back generally along the paths.  The group found some great discoveries along the way which is always a joy and we hope to capture those in our gallery for our records.  Far right a pink waxcap found just along the bridal path. right and below pictures of the group hard at work.

Ebb and Flow – Clearing the Silt for better flow. In nature ponds gradually silt up and need a little bit of management.


Every year we have to get to grips with it.  Silt is primarily formed from the breakdown of dead plant leaves and similar material at the bottom of the pond


Clearing the bridal paths sensitively. Its important to make sure the vegetation does not encroach onto the route from the sides or above bearing in mind the difference clearances needed of different types of routed for users such as horse riders.



Tell Welsh Government you want a policy that does more for nature and society

Don’t stay in the dark like a mushroom.
We in Wales have a short timeframe to change the way we manage our land, otherwise the nature we rely on will crash.

Our economy, health and wellbeing all depend on a healthy natural environment, so we can’t afford to miss this opportunity.

Tell Welsh Government you want a new system that restores nature and benefits society, where people who work on the land, like our farmers, are incentivised to provide these benefits, or it just won’t happen.

Take Action – Click below


Our Work Season Begins

What a great start to the working season with perfect weather to tackle the overgrowth and the challenges the summer months had mustered up for us.

Additional heathers were added to the ‘Guideling Bank’ in 2015 and we last tried to clear brambles and ferns about 18 months ago. We interfere as little as possible with nature but the heathers offer an attractive diverse flora to this area of the site.

Said Vernon – Trustee and active volunteer.

Heather is also called ‘Ling’. You can find it on heaths, moors and bogs, where its delicate, loosely arranged pink flowers attract all kinds of nectar-loving insects.
Abundant in woodlands with acidic or peat soils, it’s delicate pink flowers appear from August to October and are a contrast to the tough, wiry, sprawling stems they grow upon. Plants grow tightly packed together and can live for up to 40 years or more.

We also felled some trees that became unsafe during the odd weather we had this summer.

If you’d like to join us to help we are at Coed y Werin every Sunday morning between 10 and 12 (weather permitting) come and say hello!

Enchanted Woods

Join us for an enchanted journey through our woods and learn a little about nature and it’s treasures.

On Sunday 26 August 2018 the Trust will be holding an open event aimed at encouraging children young and not so young to get outdoors and learn more about our Woodland and countryside, the natural seasons for our Woods and it’s inhabitants.

Our free event the ‘Enchanted Woods’ will take place in Coed y Werin and whilst children, accompanied by their parents, are searching for the fairies, elves and perhaps the odd dragon that live within the Woods, they’ll also be learning about our diverse native Woodland species that live amongst the wildflowers, fungi, fruits, seeds and most importantly nature’s intricate ever perpetuating cycle of life.

It’ll be an opportunity for young and not so young to find out how to get involved in volunteering and supporting this great Trust.

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