About us

index_image988Caerphilly Woodlands Trust (CWT) is a conservation charity based in South Wales.

The charity was established in 2002 when it worked alongside the Forestry Commission and other local partners to save the woodlands (comprising of ‘the Warren’, ‘Wernddu Woods’ and ‘Coed-Y-Fan’) from the threat of development.  The site could have potentially been used as landfill!

In April 2003, CWT became the sole and permanent owners of approximately 23 acres of woodland within ‘the Warren’.  This consists of an area known locally as ‘the old clay pits’ and the surrounding woodland.

The woodland has now been re-named by its members as Coed-Y-Werin (loosely translated as the woods of the common people) to reflect the role of CWT- to preserve and protect the woodland on behalf of the people of Caerphilly.